VC Fast Pitch Presenting Companies for April 8, 2021 Event

VC Fast Pitch Presenting Companies for April 8, 2021 Event

Here’s 14 companies that will be presenting:


Most home service professionals share the same business challenge: they need more clients.

The Homeowner Alliance ( has launched a revolutionary platform that connects homeowners to trusted HOA ‘Certified’ home service professionals. utilizes one of the industry’s most comprehensive screening processes to give homeowners peace of mind knowing that they’ve hired a hand-selected, vetted, and Certified Pro.

Because HOA’s platform includes the world’s first home services referral network, homeowners now have the opportunity of receiving a 10% ongoing commission (on all revenue collected) simply by referring Certified Pros to their family, friends and neighbors. Don’t forget, with HOA’s Ambassador & Referral Partner Program—anyone can now earn 10% ongoing commission by referring home service professionals or homeowners to the platform. also provides marketing, promotion and automation services to monthly HOA Certified Pro subscribers—to help them win more business. Certified Pros then pay a ‘Referral Reward’ each time sends them referrals.

Remember,’s revolutionary platform provides a superior level of service for homeowners and a better marketing opportunity for contractors and service providers. Learn more at:

CEO: Brandon Barnum


Outlaw makes personal care and home fragrance for people who want to smell like adventure.

With ruggedly awesome scents like campfire, whiskey, leather, and sagebrush, Outlaw’s full personal care lineup is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Outlaw’s a small company in Sparks, Nevada, making unique and unconventional scents for the best folks in the world (that’s our Outlaws!). 

Outlaw’s products are crafted in the USA, made with natural ingredients, dedicated to recyclable and sustainable packaging, and cruelty-free. Learn more at:

CEO: Danielle Vincent

COO: Russell Vincent


Right now, two-thirds of U.S. students are not reading at their grade level—yet, many can repeat their favorite rap songs word for word…

Healthy Hip Hop has recognized and experienced firsthand how influential hip-hop music and culture is on our children but—has also recognized how unhealthy the current messaging is for their young developing minds.

Healthy Hip Hop has set out on a mission to empower young minds to make positive changes in their everyday lives—by encouraging learning through music, movement and mindfulness.

The Healthy Hip Hop platform uses culturally relevant music and cutting-edge technology to create enjoyable learning experiences that connect families, all while teaching essential skills to children. 

Kids can now make their own dance challenges, rap over the hottest beats, and share what they create in their safe circle of family and friends (creating a safe social media experience for kids).

Healthy Hip Hop has already established 12 paid pilot programs and generated over $300k in revenue to date (and most recently have just finalized a $500,000 contract with the Dallas School District).

Current investors include TechStars, Hockey Stick Investments, Human Strategies, Gigabook, Voqal and the Missouri Technology Corporation. Current partners include the NBA, Centene, and Cox. Learn more at:

CEO: Roy Scott

CCO: Wes Smith


At Champions Round we’re pioneering Micro Fantasy Sports—Social fantasy sports & Esports games that better connect communities of fans around the moments that matter most. We have grand ambitions to build the entire funnel for fans of Sports & Esports—Servicing free to play games, games of skill, and US Sports Betting all from a mobile device. Learn more at:

Co-Founder/CEO: Carter Russ

Co-Founder/CPO: Chase Payne


Onplate Technologies lets guests order & pay quickly from their smartphone when dining in or picking up.

Onplate Technologies is a one-of-a-kind concierge, it’s a menu, waiter, and payment processor all wrapped into one easy-to-use app.

It’s software is flexible enough to adapt to all kinds of venues including; fast food restaurants, full-service restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, bowling alleys and so much more. Onplate Technologies reduces labor costs and wait staff, increases staff efficiency and margins, and increases revenues by up to 30%.  Learn more at:


InfluencerStuff was originally designed to make life easier for content creators and brands by handling the difficult and time consuming portions of influencer marketing campaigns. Since then, they have developed a platform that makes life easier for everyone. Managers, brands, and creators can now see and manage any information they may need, all in one place. 

Learn more at:

CEO: Richard Little


Products On The Go (POTG) develops and sells plant-based, natural, and eco-friendly products designed for active, conscious consumers and parents.

POTG currently includes two sub-brands: “Little Toes” which provides natural baby diapering products and “Sunshine-on-the-Go”, a complimentary natural family-friendly sun care line.

Little Toes’ natural diapering system includes; award-winning bamboo fiber diapers, bamboo fiber baby wipes, swimmy diapers, changing pads, and NPA-certified diaper rash cream. Each product exemplifies Little Toes’ commitment to using only natural materials and ingredients with minimal environmental impact.

Sunshine On The Go is Products On The Go’s newest addition. Sunshine On The Go offers natural sun care products including sunscreens, moisturizers, and lip balms. Sunshine On The Go’s products are made with a unique blend of vitamin infused plant-based ingredients and essential oils. They also contain antioxidants (as well as natural fragrances that provide aromatherapy). 

POTG products are available in various bulk (or tube) sizes and in smaller, convenient—signature “On the Go” packs. Learn more at

Founder: Dr. Sharon Buchalter


Jointechlabs is an emerging worldwide leader in point-of-care regenerative medicine therapies. Because of their devices and technology, healthcare practitioners and hospitals are now able to provide safe, cost-effective (half the cost of leading competitors), non-surgical regenerative medicine therapies at point-of-care (without change in infrastructure).

Their products include: MiniTC™ (FDA-CLEARED) and Mini-Stem System™ (CE-Mark pending). These products have applications in medical aesthetics, plastic and reconstructive surgery, orthopedics and wound healing amongst others. Both devices can be used as stand-alone devices or as a platform for the development of clinical therapies and 3D bioprinting of tissues.

MiniTC™ enables healthcare practitioners to provide microfat treatments at the point-of-care. MiniTC is FDA-CLEARED, patented, disposable, and a closed loop medical device that can isolate cell enriched fat grafts (also called microfat).

Mini-Stem System™ enables healthcare practitioners to provide stem cell fraction treatments at the point-of-care. Mini-Stem System is CE-Mark pending, patented, disposable and a closed loop medical device for isolation of stem cell fraction (also called SVF) from fat.

Jointechlabs is now developing a proprietary stem cell scaffold as a biologic therapy for Osteoarthritis for approval under the FDA fast-track program. The pre-clinical study for this product is funded by NIH Small Business Grant and is currently ongoing at Rush University, Chicago.

Jointechlabs currently has 8 full patents granted in the US and worldwide and several pending full patents and PCTs. Their distributorships include TriState Biologics, Restomed, Febomed LLC, Confluence Biomedical Innovation, RegenTx, EYWA (EU), Alumni Medical (UAE). They also have scientific and industry partnerships with Stanford University, Chalmers University, Florida Institute of Technology, AAOM, Institute of Regenerative Medicine, Center for Regenerative Cell Medicine, RegenCore and Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology. Learn more at:

Founders: Dr. Nathan Katz & Dr. Nishit Pancholi


Becket Film Fund is a startup company founded and committed to including women and underrepresented people in writer, director, and actor roles in independent feature films.

Becket Film Fund will use their data-driven proprietary methodology—the Diversity Revenue Model—to significantly increase feature film revenue. They currently have a project pipeline, producer alliances, long standing connections to talent, a board of advisors, studio and streaming distributor partners, and access to international markets.

Becket Film Fund is committed to funding 2-3 commercially viable, mid-market films per year that reflect the ethnic and gender diversity of the movie-watching audience across the globe. Learn more at:

CEO: Mike Burkenbine


Changing Vegas believes that video games and casino games are merging—and the future of the gaming industry involves “blended” social experiences (experiences that combine both digital and physical components).

They’re developing a competitive collectible card game (CCG) and App called Asteroid Arena!.  Designed for ESports, the game combines elements from social, strategy, and board games to provide a new, chaotic and unique experience for all players. Learn more at:

CEO: Dave Thompson

CMO: Susan Thompson


QuiGig is a service marketplace platform and relationship management tool for individuals or businesses who need to connect quickly and conduct business with local or online service providers or clients. They have simplified the processes of growing and managing a small service business and hiring top professionals through their unique business model and smart technology.

Their vetting process includes ensuring that professionals offer quality and timely services at a fair price, so hirers can quickly choose to hire a professional through quigig without further shopping. Learn more at:


SCRE (Sound Commercial Real Estate) is an American commercial real estate company that develops and operates digital spaces to be utilized by technology companies with consumer facing products. SCRE provides RaaS (real estate as a service) services to entrepreneurs and companies, allowing them to reach their customers through physical and digital shared spaces.

Founder/CEO: Dewayne Ferrell


g6gTech, Inc. is a software development company that creates in-depth search products. Think “search on steroids.” Our initial product, G6GFINDR, is used to search for bioinformatics and artificial intelligence (AI) software using a unique two-step process that allows you to fine tune your search. Powered by semantic annotation (graph technology), the G6GFINDR System searches an expanding, curated database of over 5,600 bioinformatics and AI software product pages and articles.

The system is a platform that can be applied to other verticals, such as law, blockchain, IoT, energy, etc. Learn more at:

CEO: Stephen Coates


International money transfer to Africa can be expensive, slow and complicated.

Because transferring money across the African border has become a way for people to connect with their loved ones and for small and medium scale businesses in Africa to accept payments, Fxkudi set out on a mission to give Africans better access to borderless money transfer and the power to pay.

Fxkudi has created a solution to not only make online money transfers completely simple, fast and secure, but also to completely get rid of the unnecessary transfer fee. Fxkudi created a payment system that allows users to create a virtual card to make unrestricted online payments anywhere, anytime.

Fxkudi is a Financial Technology company based in Ghana that now offers the easiest and fastest money transfer services across Africa. Learn more at:

Founders: Adetunji Afeez, Kodjo Kevin

CEO: Abioye Oyetunji

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