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November 18 Presenters


Braincat is a feature-rich SaaS tool for brainstorming, learning, writing, and collaboration. Its patent-pending process, called “reverse mind-mapping,” condenses a mass of disorganized information to the essentials. While Braincat has attracted many kinds of users, our marketing focus is on writers and educational institutions.

The Braincat process is ideal for writers because it transforms a jumble of ideas into a structured outline. It empowers students because reverse mind-mapping aids both comprehension and recall.

Our marketing strategy is to capture writers with online, influencer and affiliate marketing, while buliding strategic partnerships with colleges, universities, and large coaching organizations. The business model provides for monthly, annual, and lifetime subscriptions.


Fabalish creates delicious, award-winning plant-based products made from chickpeas and its byproduct aquafaba (chickpea water). This includes a line of dips (such as our tzatziki, ranch, and queso), and the first baked and organic falafel on the market. All our products are plant-based, organic, gluten-free, top-8 allergen free, and made with clean and simple ingredients.

Having launched in 2019, Fabalish is currently at a $1M run-rate, experienced ~4x growth YoY, won several industry awards, garnered stellar reviews and press, and has had top retailers (such as Erewhon, Hungryroot, and FreshDirect) approach Fabalish to carry its products. The demand is there, and Fabalish is poised to become a household name for healthier plant-based products.


Southern California Mexican fast-casual cuisine is wildly popular, yet scarce, outside of its home region…

California Tacos is on a mission to bring the bold, exciting flavors of Southern California Mexican cuisine to wider audiences. California Tacos, Inc. is the parent company of California Tacos Restaurants, Bandito Sauce, and, The Bag it to Go Mobile App.

California Tacos’ unique recipes deliver a simple, fresh, and consistent menu at affordable prices. Although they offer a fast-casual dining experience, all of their tortillas are homemade from scratch and stuffed with real ingredients that are delivered fresh daily. No preservatives, no substitutes, no corners cut—just healthy, clean eating.


On average, people miss moments they wish they could have recorded 3 times a day. Hindsight Technologies makes fashion forward smartglasses capable of capturing the last 20 seconds of video at the push of a button, sending the footage straight to your smartphone where the user can then integrate with all the major social media apps seamlessly.

With the Hindsight flagship glasses, people no longer have to choose between living in the moment and capturing it. Hindsight makes the only pair of smartglasses that actually do something your smartphone doesn't.


CabinetM is the first-to-market SaaS offering of its kind for enterprise level organizations, serving as the Operations Command Center that marketing teams use to manage technology discovery, implementation, performance, spend and strategy.

CabinetM unleashes the power of technology to fuel marketing and company growth. Every email that’s sent, ad that’s created and sponsored post is driven by one or more tech products. Without technology, modern marketing teams can’t function. The dependence on marketing technology created the need for a platform to manage all of the technology marketing teams use – from discovery to discard. CabinetM is that platform.


When enjoying a fresh egg, it just tastes better without the shell. Like eggshells support the edible part of the egg and must be removed before eating, “support materials" provide stability for 3D printed parts and must also be eliminated before use.

Oryx Additive designs, develops, and manufactures the most reliable, efficient, and versatile solutions for the finishing of 3D printed parts. Our solutions include hardware (equipment) and consumables (chemicals) which are paired together in a solution that provides clean, high-quality, finished 3D parts for our customers.


Iron Horse Firearms is a veteran owned and operated business named after the Iron Horse Marines of 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion. Founded and proudly residing in the Beehive State, Iron Horse was born from Charlie Company Camp Williams Utah, where many of the officers and members of the Iron Horse board served together in the battalion the company is named after.

With a 90% veteran staff, including active members of the National Guard and Marine Corps reservists, Iron Horse continues to focus on hiring and training Americas current and prior service members. Our mission is broken into 3 main focuses:

1. Be a reliable, long-term partner to our customers, and partners recognized for the quality, innovation and value of our American made products and the reliability of our commitments.

2. Creating a company culture that promotes self development, discipline, work satisfaction, and flexible career paths focused on growth.

3. Be a successful operation for our investors by being dedicated to our fiduciary responsibilities, and delivering a fair return on their investments.


Panther Quant is a revolutionary Algo-Trading platform built on the Binance Smart Chain to use A.I. based Sentiment Analysis of the live Crypto Market that will provide actionable insights around crypto markets.

The platform is being launched with one clear objective — to provide its users with actionable insights on the prevailing sentiments of the market. In that pursuit, we will use powerful AI and machine learning enabled bots that will scan the market and the news on various websites like CoinDesk, Twitter, CoinTelegraph, Messari and also across various social media channels among others to look for the ongoing sentiment on the chosen assets. Users can leverage this information to craft their trading strategies.

Our platform will provide users with real-time data on the prevailing sentiment of the market. This would help users craft top-notch and high profit grossing trading strategies. They also have the option to stress-test these strategies within a live market (dry run).

Our platform also gives its users the option to create an NFT of their favorite and most successful trading strategies. Once they have stress-tested their strategies in all markets and have made consistent profits from it, they can simply tokenize that strategy and Sell/Lease/Auction it to fellow traders on the platform. Panther Quant users will be guided throughout the process of creating an NFT of their strategy. Panther Quant intends to be one of the most transformative and cathartic experience in the Crypto space.


Joule Case provides innovation in a largely stagnant battery market, replacing noxious generators with clean, safe, cost-efficient renewable power in the fast-growing event-power industry with music festival partners like CORT, PGA, Burning Man and Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC).

The future of portable energy is here and it’s simple, silent, safe, and clean. Joule Case’s grid-scale batteries are intuitive, user-friendly, and stackable: if you need more power, all you need to do is stack. No generators, no noise, no smell, no CO2. Just efficient energy wherever and whenever you need it.


weThink is poised to solve a $545 billion dollar problem. It is difficult (at best) to divine who will be the best fit on a team based on talent alone. Research has proven you can increase team function by over 30% by increasing social and emotional skills and awareness.

The weThink platform is using proprietary surveys and assessments to measure and track the social and emotional skills teams need to win more and players need to succeed and be their best in and beyond the game in esports and other team sport environments.

15 minutes or less a week weThink helps players and coaches identify areas for growth. weThink is a novel, more efficient, cheaper approach that provides continuous scoring and data collection over time. weThink is starting in the scholastic youth sports and esports space accruing data that will eventually allow weThink to be predictive and prescriptive for recruitment, retention, and performance for any team, anywhere.

weThink has 28 organizations onboard, 100% renewals, and over 2000 data points collected.

Mi Products

MiProducts is a team of professionals dedicated to bringing the latest, most innovative door locks to the retail market. We have 20 years of residential smart lock manufacturing expertise and are the distributor of the MiLocks brand.

Founded in 1999 as Morning Industry Inc., we introduced WiseLock KF Series, an infrared controlled deadbolt lock. Since then we have been designing and manufacturing high quality, affordable smart locks for the retail market. Our engineers have been innovating new lock technology that will revolutionize the door lock market. With smart lock technology on the rise, we are looking to expand our reach in the $3.8 billion per year sales in the industry.

EKKBaz is building the Amazon app for mom and pop shops selling fast moving consumer goods in Bangladesh. Due to low working capital, corner shops can buy limited inventories only. Hence they lose sales and customers when out of stocks.

At EkkBaz, we allow shops to buy products now and pay later using our ecommerce app. And we ensure on-time product delivery using our warehouse and logistics capability, thus shops never loses sales again.

We are serving 1700 shops now and our GMV has grown by 4 times. We are raising $1 million to grow 10x GMV and 5x customer served by next year.


Genesis Venture Investments is a cannabis-focused venture capital firm focused on backing the most promising operators in the North American cannabis industry. Medical cannabis is now legal in more than 40 states and 18 have permitted recreational legalization.

Our founding team has more than 50 years combined experience in venture capital investments. Our backgrounds in finance, cannabis law, technology, and manufacturing enable us to conduct comprehensive due diligence on the best emerging opportunities in cannabis. To date we have raised $1 million and invested in two early-stage cannabis businesses. We are aiming to make two additional investments before the end of 2021.

September 16 Presenters


Trubify is a multi-award-winning, live music technology platform that's disrupting the music industry. The app’s features focus on fan engagement to generate revenue across the platform, while automatically managing business demands of artists.

Trubify helps solve ‘starving artist syndrome’ with its highest industry payouts (sustainable) and multiple innovative revenue streams for artists. Compelling unique differentiators are driven by our 'secret sauce' – a proprietary big data business intelligence backend with 800+ data points (and growing).

Most home service professionals share the same business challenge: they need more clients. The Homeowner Alliance ( has launched a revolutionary platform that connects homeowners to trusted HOA ‘Certified’ home service professionals. utilizes one of the industry’s most comprehensive screening processes to give homeowners peace of mind knowing that they’ve hired a hand-selected, vetted, and Certified Pro. Because HOA’s platform includes the world's first home services referral network, homeowners now have the opportunity of receiving a 10% ongoing commission (on all revenue collected) simply by referring Certified Pros to their family, friends and neighbors. With HOA’s Ambassador & Referral Partner Program—anyone can now earn 10% ongoing commission by referring home service professionals or homeowners to the platform. also provides marketing, promotion and automation services to monthly HOA Certified Pro subscribers—to help them win more business. Certified Pros then pay a ‘Referral Reward’ each time sends them referrals.


Toy Junkies is a peer-to-peer, consolidated multi-vendor marketplace for adventure sports rentals. We foster and build relationships between vendors who offer rental listings and consumers anywhere in the world.

Our platform utilizes a licensed proprietary Saas software to combine multi-vendor features and create a powerful peer-to-peer marketplace with advanced booking and financial transaction capabilities.

This easy-to-use booking system allows vendors to generate much-needed income without the cost of building and hosting a website. The streamlined checkout process allows customers to book multiple products with one cart transaction and experience the adventures they have always desired without having to purchase the toys themselves. With the widest variety of adventure toys for rent, Toy Junkies is the ideal solution for those looking to plan their next great adventure.​


Subba is a TripAdvisor style platform which focuses on user generated fan reviews of music and festivals through its flagship platform:


BeWize combines multiple layers of safety data to create an easy-to-use map reflecting the safety of every city and neighborhood in the United States. BeWize will generate revenue by selling data directly to businesses such as WAZE, Travelocity and Airbnb or directly to users via our app.


International money transfer to Africa can be expensive, slow and complicated.

Because transferring money across the African border has become a way for people to connect with their loved ones and for small and medium scale businesses in Africa to accept payments, FXKudi set out on a mission to give Africans better access to borderless money transfer and the power to pay.

Falcon Nano

Falcon Nano is a startup company which has developed an innovative technology to enable:

CEO: Al Hastings

G6G Tech

g6gTech, Inc., is a software development company that has created an in-depth search product, G6GFINDR, that uses unstructured data for finding bioinformatics and artificial intelligence (AI) software.

Powered by semantic annotation, G6GFINDR uses a unique two-step process that allows you to fine tune your search. All products in the database have been carefully curated.


Shopquest saves shoppers time and money. The app saves shoppers an estimated 10-15 minutes by having a clear map made from the consumer’s shopping list (creating the fastest route through the store).

Shopquest also reminds shoppers of coupons at checkout allowing them to easily redeem digital coupons for their items.

Shopquest will also have the exact inventory of the shopper’s items. This transparency will help stores build more loyal customers.

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