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June 3, 2024 – Attending Scott’s Fast Pitch event in person was one-of-a-kind experience worth every penny! It was a great day all around, I got to hear other fellow entrepreneurs and founders speak, connected with top level investors from nationwide firms and tasted amazing local catering treats! As a cofounder, I left inspired and motivated to make changes, drive metrics further with our team in order to reach goals + objects and continue in our mission in saving lives at GTS Path! Anny Raposo Co-founder & Project Management | Driving Innovation in HealthTech and VR | Empowering through Communication & Driven by Strategy

May 24, 2024Scott is an incredibly dynamic individual who has put together a very special ecosystem with his VC Fast Pitch events. I had a good time, met great investors who were very willing to share their perspective and advice, and was introduced to a dozen or so companies doing all sorts of innovative work. It was a cool opportunity to engage with this community. I intend to do it again!Bill Van Emburg – Technologist, Marketer, Board Member, Entrepreneur, Business Owner

January 30, 2024 – I’ve known Scott Kelly and his founded company, Black Dog Venture Partners, for at least five years, and he’s truly a great guy. His ‘VC FAST PITCH’ events stand out as some of the most effective gatherings for startup founders in Southern California. I’ve had the privilege of participating in his investor speaking panels and judging sessions, and it’s been an honor. Angels seeking ideal deal flows should connect with him. – Jenny Q. Ta – 3x successful founder | Fdr/GP | Fmr Founder/CEO of two Wall Street Investment Banks | Angel Investor | Speaker | Mentor |

January 26, 2024Scott Kelly from Black Dog Venture Partners and has hit a sweet spot in the creation of the VC Fast Pitch. Innovation and striking out to create something new requires community and grit. Pitching an Investor Deck in front of a room of people is daunting to say the least but Scott has created an atmosphere of levity and candor. Less than a month ago I was Montessori prekindergarten teacher, however, none of that seems relevant in the kind and matter of fact feedback coupled with the earnest way the room was rooting for each other. I was genuinely surprised and impressed by the warm and welcoming atmosphere. Thanks to all who helped make last night happen! Raney Walden CEO at Show Us Your Mutts

January 12, 2024Well run event that brings founders and investors together. Would definitely recommend it to both founders raising capital as well as investors looking for new opportunities. Ted Tagalakis Innovative Founder & CEO of SparkyAI! | Expert in Behavioral Science-Driven AI Content Generation | Pioneer in Advanced NLP & AI Solutions

November 22, 2023The VC Fast Pitch was a great event. Scott brings it all together and makes all feel welcome. I can clearly see why is able to draw great funders. I enjoyed seeing many of these companies. I look foward to participating more in the future. Raymond Oliver CEO | Strategic Investor and Business Development.

September 26, 2023Expert DOJO have been attending the Fast Pitch events for many years now and we constantly find and invest in great startups. Scott is a fantastic master of ceremony and keep everything running smoothly. We will see you there. – Brian Mac Mahon Head Honcho at Expert DOJO, the most active startup accelerator in Southern California.

September 25, 2023 – Scott has a gift for throwing wonderful events. His VC Fastpitch event was extremely well produced. I enjoyed my attendance there and highly recommend others to attend! – Alexander Ronzino Partner at Rework Capital | Fractional CFO & Integrator.

September 25, 2023The VC Fast pitch was a tremendous event. I found the experience was excellent for pitching investors, receiving feedback, as well as interest in investing in our company. If you are startup lookong to raise funds, have a chat with Scott Kelly and attend a VC Fast Pitch event. – Thomas Helfrich.

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