Introducing the June VC Fast Pitch Presenting Companies

Introducing the June VC Fast Pitch Presenting Companies:

Hook Security presented by Zachary Eikenberry
Hook Security revolutionizes cybersecurity training with our unique Psychological Security (PsySec) methodology, designed to actively engage and empower employees in protecting their digital environments. By blending cutting-edge behavioral science with practical cybersecurity education, we transform passive awareness into a culture of proactive defense across organizations. Our programs deliver critical knowledge and tools, ensuring employees not only understand the cyber risks but also how to counteract them effectively. Perfect for companies of all sizes looking to bolster their cyber defenses, Hook Security has proven its value, with a track record of enhancing organizational resilience and cultivating a vigilant, security-first mindset among teams. Hook Security

The Healthy Aging Company (THAC) presented by Christian Brechot
THAC is a privately-owned biopharmaceutical company which targets age-related diseases and Alzheimer’s diseases, a major unmet medical need. The company is located both in the United States (University of South Florida, registered in Delaware) and Paris. The executive team offers high level expertise in both science and product development and business. International Key Opinion Leaders are mobilized beside the team, who are FDA and EMEA consultants. The Company develops ALF-575, a First-In-Class drug candidate with a unique and innovative anti-oxidative mode of action, restoring sensitivity to insulin and acting as a tissue repair and anti-inflammatory molecule. Excellent preclinical results have been obtained which demonstrate blood-brain barrier crossing and significant improvement of cognitive disorders in mouse models of Alzheimer. The preclinical package including results is finalized. The pharmacological properties as well as safety profile have been previously demonstrated in patients with liver diseases. The company is raising five million US dollar to initiate a phase 1/2a clinical study. Return on investment is planned in 2028 (partnering or acquisition). THAC presented by Drew Wolfer
PreSend is an already developed & dually patent pending wallet transaction security software. PreSend’s MVP is live and our product protects blockchain users from losing their funds on cross-chain transactions. PreSend has now fixed a fundamental flaw in blockchain, inter-compatibility. The blockchain has no reverting mechanism that can recover lost funds if sent to an incompatible address or platform, or via an incorrect blockchain. PreSend has now invented a solution that effectively prevents these transactions and losses from happening in the future, thus helping usher in the new age of cryptocurrency adoption to the WEB2 participants that have yet to enter the multi-trillion dollar blockchain market. With no competition and almost infinite scalability with blockchain transaction growth, PreSend is poised to protect millions of users worldwide. Presend

PhontonFi presented by Francois Modarresse
PhotonFi provides revolutionary wireless technology for enterprise IT networks. Far more secure than WiFi, our solutions are based on invisible light, resulting in local connections that are stealth, immune to hacking, and completely interference-proof. Already revenue-generating, the products have been deployed by marquee defense, aerospace and corporate customers, solving on premise cyber weaknesses for good, while saving cost and labor. Led by a team of distinguished IT and electronics executives who have done it before, the company is set to provide superior returns to its investors. PhontonFi

Bibe presented by Steven Rehrig
Bibe is a revolutionary mobile application tailored for the nightlife industry, specifically designed to streamline drink ordering in bars and clubs. By allowing patrons to order and customize their drinks directly from their smartphones, Bibe enhances the customer experience by significantly reducing wait times and improving service efficiency. Our app provides real-time updates as orders are prepared and directs customers to designated pickup locations, ensuring a smooth transaction. Bibe operates on a unique model that charges no setup fees for venues and includes a convenience fee for users, making it an attractive and cost-effective solution for nightlife establishments. Bibe

Spot presented by Adam Ben-Evi
Spot is a 5-star mobile app that helps users find personalized places to get active, discover fitness events and activities, and connect with like-minded individuals. Through the Active Lifestyle Generator, Spot empowers people to build and sustain an active and healthier lifestyle by providing tailored recommendations based on their interests and locations, making it easy to coordinate and follow through on physical activities. Additionally, Spot supports businesses in the fitness and wellness space by offering performance-based advertising, where businesses pay only for promotions that users redeem on-site. For more information, visit SpotFitness.

US Precision Medicine presented by Fred Fey
U.S. Precision Medicine, Inc. is a biotech that identifies and validates highly promising patented cancer drugs from academic research institutions, with the objective of licensing them to pharmaceutical companies. The company has an exclusive option/licensing agreement from the University of Florida for DH20931 to treat 5 types of cancers: triple-negative breast, colorectal, prostate, uterine and ovarian. Research shows DH20931 effectively kills cancer cells in solid tumors and in combination with doxorubicin for treatment for metastatic chemotherapy. It exceeds the gold standard in drug development, “Lipinski’s Rule of 5,” which enhances the therapeutics probability of reaching the market. U.S Precision Medicine

Laundry Ready presented by Ash Uprety
The laundry pick-up and drop-off app aims to provide a seamless, convenient and personalized experience for users, saving them time and effort in managing their laundry needs. Laundry Ready

LVED presented by Ryan Andersen
LVED (pronounced loved) is an easy to use expert guided platform that provides everything families need to plan, organize, legally document end of life wishes, and memorialize loved ones. LVED

24/7 Labs presented by Carlos Roldan
247Labkit is a pioneering at-home STD testing company dedicated to revolutionizing the way individuals monitor their sexual health. Our mission is to break down barriers associated with traditional STD testing by offering a convenient, confidential, and accessible solution. At 247Labkit, we understand the common concerns that prevent people from getting tested, such as embarrassment, time constraints, and worries about cost and privacy. That’s why we have developed a service that allows you to test for STDs from the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need for scheduling appointments and facing potential awkwardness. Our innovative approach to STD testing includes discreet packaging and private results delivered through our secure, HIPAA compliant patient portal. We prioritize your privacy and convenience every step of the way, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. FDA registered. Join us at 247Labkit and take control of your sexual health with ease and peace of mind. 24/7 Labkit

Wags & Wine presented by Ryan Levy
Wags & Wine is a unique subscription box service that caters to the ultimate connoisseurs of good wines and their cherished pets. Each box is a curated blend of premium wines for you and high-quality treats and toys for your furry friend, promising a shared experience of joy and discovery. Our selections are meticulously chosen to ensure variety, quality, and enjoyment, fostering memorable moments between pet owners and their companions. At Wags & Wine, we believe in celebrating the bond between you and your pet, one exquisite bottle and delightful treat at a time. Discover more at Wags & Wine – where every sip and wag tells a story.

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