André M. König

Managing Partner, Entanglement Capital

André is the publisher of the leading Quantum Tech newsletter, author in a bestselling book on digital transformation, host of Weekly Quantum World Detangled, and frequent speaker on Quantum Tech. He has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Popular Science, live TV and stages from Las Vegas to Seoul with up to 40,000 in the audience.

Since 2018 he is the CEO of Interference Advisors, the leading data provider & analytics firm in Quantum Tech. The Chairman of OneQuantum, the leading Quantum Tech community organization. And Managing Partner of Entanglement Capital, an investment fund in Quantum Tech. 

With 25 years of business experience, André has been a strategy and technology consultant to many Fortune 500 CEOs in both Europe and the USA. As well as to owners and operators of mid-sized services and manufacturing firms, often leading co-investments, consolidations and turnarounds.

Prior to his current role, he co-founded 3 startups – spanning Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Digital Transformation, NeuroHealth and SaaS – and mentored hundreds of others through General Assembly, the German Accelerator New York and other entrepreneurship programs. 

André studied Quantum Computing at MIT and holds a MBA in Economics from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business as well as a Masters in Business from ICN School of Management. He speaks English, German, French and Italian, has competed in national small boat sailing championships and trains in Krav Maga at the Green Beret level.