Vic Kapur


Founder & Managing Member, VisionPassage

Vic is an Angel Investor (Angel to Series B) with a former Operating background in Sales, Product and Engineering at startups with five exits - $19M, $55M, $190M, $450M and $1.2B, to Capgemini (IGATE), Cisco Systems, Hitachi, Partners Group (Swiss Private Equity) and Qualcomm, followed by Sales experience with a publicly-traded company that grew from $25 Billion valuation to $100+ Billion in under seven years during his time.

Industries included Technology, Media, Telecom, Services, Manufacturing, Energy and Consumer Goods. Products and Solutions worked on included most of the technology stack, ranging from IC Design, Embedded Systems, Consumer Electronics, Operating Systems, IT Infrastructure, Enterprise Software to Telecommunications, and Business Processes. First "real" job after undergraduate engineering sophomore year was door-to-door retail coupon sales to the local downtown merchants. While crappy and rudimentary, can still code in C, the first programming language learned.

Vic has a joint Master’s Degree (Information Networking) in Business, Computer Science and Electrical & Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon. He completed his Undergraduate Degree with University Honors in Computer Engineering from Savitribai Phule Pune University. He is actively involved in both schools, and is happy to connect with fellow alums, since continuous learning and ideation helps him improve his dumbness!

He grew up in an Army background and has lived across fifteen states in two different countries. Survived 9/11, thanks to his HR Manager booking him on a lower-cost one-hop flight from Newark via Chicago to San Francisco, and hence, high appreciation till date for "bean-counters", and financial prudence. Happily settled in the San Francisco Bay Area since then. He is community-oriented, foodie, played competitive sports in school, and nowadays, enjoys walking, hiking, swimming and tree-climbing.