Toy Junkies’ Provides the Perfect Solution for Many Who have Turned to Recreational Sports During  Stressful Times

Toy Junkies’ Provides the Perfect Solution for Many Who have Turned to Recreational Sports During Stressful Times

During the COVID pandemic there was an overwhelming surge in the recreational sports industry. In 2020, hiking trails, parks and other open spaces were packed with a cooped-up population looking for fresh air. Abundant research has proven that spending time outdoors can reduce stress, ease some symptoms of depression, improve creative thinking and problem solving, and enhance memory and cognitive function. In an ever-more virtual world, spending time outdoors has never been so important.

There is just one Problem: Many Outdoor Activities Require Expensive Equipment

Because many of the outdoor activities enjoyed by families and outdoor enthusiasts require certain equipment—most of which are not exactly affordable—this has caused a barrier for those who want to take part in the fun. Although there are small online websites offering certain types of rentals, there isn’t one consolidated place to find a variety…until now. 

Introducing the Solution: Toy JunkiesThe Online Platform that Allows Consumers to Rent “Toys” from Vendors or List Their “Toys” for Rent for all their adventure needs.

Toy Junkies is an online, peer-to-peer consolidated marketplace for adventure sports rentals. The Toy Junkies Saas platform powers a peer-to-peer marketplace with advanced booking and financial transaction capability. It enables multi-vendor features with a cloud application that provides vendors with their own storefront without the cost of designing, developing and hosting a website.

Finally an even playing field for vendors of all sizes! Toy Junkies online, secure environment provides verified background checks and a unique recreational sports enthusiast membership community. This unique platform fosters and builds relationships between vendors who offer listings and consumers anywhere in the world—to generate much needed income.

Some of Toy Junkies Key Benefits Include:

  • Connects “toy” owners with renters
  • Provides a convenient platform for finding “toys” to rent
  • Saves consumers money, and space
  • Provides an opportunity to test products
  • Provides additional income for owners
  • Offers a sustainable solution to reduced waste generated through reckless purchase decisions
  • Has a great insurance & refund policy
  • Provides strong customer support through live chat, SMS & email support

It’s undeniable that consumers have found refuge in the recreation industry during the pandemic. It has spurred a renewed interest in and commitment to health and fitness, which is playing a crucial role in continuing the positive momentum for outdoor products.

If you’d like to learn more about how Toy Junkies is disrupting the recreational sports marketplace, visit

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