Sam Ellis

Partner, Scout VC and WPMC

Sam Ellis is a Partner at WPMC and Scout Ventures. He is an early-stage software company builder, advisor, and investor. He's built everything from computer vision microservices for a cloud robotics startup to the systematic signal library for the central portfolio at Point72. Most notably, he was the technical co-founder of Dutchie, an industry-leading online ordering provider for cannabis dispensaries in the US and Canada.

Sam is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point where he studied Operations Research and applied statistics. Out of West Point, Sam was a National Science Foundation graduate fellow at Northwestern University where he obtained an MS in Industrial Engineering. He was also an Army Military Intel officer and spent several years at CYBERCOMMAND.

Based in New York, Sam focuses on investing in phenomenal early-stage SaaS founders. You can find Sam in the trenches with his companies.