Presenting Companies For VC Fast Pitch 2022

Presenting Companies For VC Fast Pitch 2022

Presenting Companies

BRAINCAT – Jon Ward, Founder & CEO

Braincat is a feature-rich SaaS tool for learning, brainstorming, writing, and collaboration. Its patent-pending process, “reverse mind-mapping,” quickly simplifies disorganized information to produce a structured outline and mind map. Early subscribers include students, writers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and executives. Our current target markets are educational institutions (B2B) and writers (B2C). Braincat’s business model provides for monthly, annual, and lifetime subscriptions, with enterprise pricing options. Our strategy is to develop partnerships with schools and colleges, while online marketing is focused on writers. We plan for an exit in 3-5 years, probably through sale to an edtech or other software company.

PANTHER QUANT – Chandni Shah Co-founder


Panther Quant is a revolutionary Algo-Trading platform built on the Binance Smart Chain to use A.I. based Sentiment Analysis of the live Crypto Market that will provide actionable insights around crypto markets.The platform is being launched with one clear objective — to provide its users with actionable insights on the prevailing sentiments of the market. In that pursuit, we will use powerful AI and machine learning enabled bots that will scan the market and the news on various websites like CoinDesk, Twitter, CoinTelegraph, Messari and also across various social media channels among others to look for the ongoing sentiment on the chosen assets. Users can leverage this information to craft their trading strategies.

Our platform will provide users with real-time data on the prevailing sentiment of the market. This would help users craft top-notch and high profit grossing trading strategies. They also have the option to stress-test these strategies within a live market (dry run).Our platform also gives its users the option to create an NFT of their favorite and most successful trading strategies. Once they have stress-tested their strategies in all markets and have made consistent profits from it, they can simply tokenize that strategy and Sell/Lease/Auction it to fellow traders on the platform. Panther Quant users will be guided throughout the process of creating an NFT oftheir strategy. Panther Quant intends to be one of the most transformative and cathartic experience in the Crypto space.

Shower Clear – Steve Sunshine, CEO


Shower Clear is the Only Patented Shower Head that opens so you can see inside to be assured your showering experience is Mold and Bacteria free. Medical Studies have proven that Shower Heads are a breeding ground for dangerous Mold & Bacteria that can even cause Lung Disease. I discovered the problem when my own mother got sick from her Shower Head and succumbed from complications thereof. The 4 Billion Dollar Shower Head Industry has been aware of the issue since 1981 and remarkably, has stopped innovating. We were part of an unprecedented Peer Review Study from The University of Colorado utilizing 656 Shower Heads. Shower Clear was the “Only” Company named in that study. Shower Clear’s goal is to be in every home, hotel and institution to change the way people shower while keeping them safe.

Game Gym Inc – Evan Shubin, COO


Founded in 2018, Game Gym Inc is the leading esports training and broadcast center in the DC metro area. Game Gym was created to make video games a more positive and collaborative experience by providing structure through curriculum, coaching, and parental support. Game Gym provides kids, parents, and gamers of all ages with the information and structure to better understand and maximize their participation in casual and competitive esports, like a martial arts dojo or an AAU basketball team.

MSMPUSHER – Daniel Dabiri, Co-Founder & CEO


MSMPUSHER is a cloud-based, SMS marketing platform designed to help businesses engage with customers across a variety of channels including Email marketing, USSD, WhatsApp and more. Our solution supports businesses to ensure interactions and engagements on campaign and updates with their customers.

Remedium – Frank Luppino, President and CEO




Remedium’s mission is to develop therapeutics that treat serious diseases by using technology with proven scientific fundamentals in novel ways. We target indications that are optimally suited for gene therapy, involving local delivery using well characterized vectors and employing the company’s dose-adjustment technology platform. The lead product candidate, a potential first-in-class disease modifying therapy for OA based on the only clinically validated mechanism shown to increase cartilage thickness in clinical trials, is an example of this transformational approach.)

SOCIAL NFT – Sonia Rayat Founder & CEO


The SOCIAL NFT is a marketplace for social media users to create NFT’s (non-Fungible tokens) of their items or images and sell them on the platform. SOCIAL NFT Marketplace users are able to add single or multiple items on the marketplace to sell. Users looking to purchase on the market place must also be registered to the SOCIAL NFT Marketplace.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) become easy and accessible with the SOCIAL NFT Marketplace in its ecosystem. By this, you are allowed to upload social media images and create the NFTs in a secure manner. With the contribution of NFTs, now social media users may be able to generate passive income from Social Media and it provides another platform for their posts.

Trubify – Stephen Tyszka, CEO


Trubify is a multi-award-winning, live music technology platform that’s disrupting the music industry. The app’s features focus on fan engagement to generate revenue across the platform, while automatically managing business demands of artists.

Trubify helps solve ‘starving artist syndrome’ with its highest industry payouts (sustainable) and multiple innovative revenue streams for artists. Compelling unique differentiators are driven by our ‘secret sauce’ – a proprietary big data business intelligence backend with 800+ data points (and growing).

Joule Case – James Wagoner, CEO


Joule Case provides innovation in a largely stagnant battery market, replacing noxious generators with clean, safe, cost-efficient renewable power in the fast-growing event-power industry with music festival partners like CORT, PGA, Burning Man and Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC).

The future of portable energy is here and it’s simple, silent, safe, and clean. Joule Case’s grid-scale batteries are intuitive, user-friendly, and stackable: if you need more power, all you need to do is stack. No generators, no noise, no smell, no CO2. Just efficient energy wherever and whenever you need it.

Medwatch Technologies – Mike More, CEO


MedWatch Technologies is developing a fully non-invasive glucose monitoring watch and accompanying health management platform. We expect to obtain FDA Certification within the next 15 months. This represents a unique and exciting new solution for managing blood glucose levels. Current glucose monitoring solutions either use lancets with test strips or patches with sub-cutaneous needles. Both methods are expensive and inconvenient. OurGlucoWatchTM represents a significant advancement over current technologies. We have a clear operational model with conservative projected milestones. Our IP will position us to secure significant market share and a multi–X ROI.

Thank you for your interest.

TH Media – Tank Jones, Founder



Earthco Enterprises and TH Media together, create Netflix-Style Documentaries that focus on various global health crises and major addictions in the United States: Adderall, Opiates and Food. Adderall is a more addictive form of street Meth with a host of side effects. In the documentary, the public is educated on facts such as these along with other facts about addictive substances, particularly prescription drugs. The goal of the current Documentary is to talk about Effective, Non Addictive, Alternative Natural Products that treat underlying symptoms and where to find these products, which can decrease Addiction in the US by 20% in 10 years.

Earthco Enterprises creates highly functional Raw Plant Powders from their patented non-extraction, low-temperature
technology. Themission is to provide a reliable and premium source of goods to theircustomers by staying committed to a strict set of guidelines. Earthco is GMP and SQF Certified.

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