Panther Quant and Black Dog Venture Partners to Launch A.I. Based Cryptocurrency Trading and NFT Platform

Panther Quant and Black Dog Venture Partners to Launch A.I. Based Cryptocurrency Trading and NFT Platform

Black Dog CEO to join company as strategic advisor

Scott Kelly, Black Dog Venture Partners 480-206-3435

Phoenix AZ, November 30, 2021 – Black Dog Venture Partners (BDVP) and Panther Quant announced a strategic partnership to launch an A.I. cryptocurrency trading and NFT platform. Black Dog Venture Partners CEO, Scott Kelly will join the company as a strategic advisor.

Because the cryptocurrency market runs 24/7, is highly volatile, unpredictable, with too much information in too little time and driven by sentiments, it’s nearly impossible for the human mind to process all this overwhelming data and sentiments. Thus, without an in-depth insight of the crypto market, the traders are exposed to a lot of risk in the crypto market.

There is a need to analyze the data and sentiments of the market to give traders an in-depth insight of the crypto market.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Panther Quant to launch a leading edge A.I. based cryptocurrency platform.” said Scott Kelly, CEO of Black Dog Venture Partners. “Their innovative use of NFTs provides traders the opportunity to share their research and increase returns for all. We’re excited about the opportunities this holds”.

Manav Bajaj, Panther Quant founder added, “Partnering with Black Dog Venture Partners and having Scott Kelly on board as our Strategic Advisor is certainly going to be very transformative not just for the project’s growth but also for the team as it will push us to work more harder and more efficiently”.

“We’re very thrilled about this Partnership as Scott’s vast expertise & knowledge is most certainly going to make Panther Quant a huge success”.

About Black Dog Partners

Black Dog Venture Partners provides venture capital consulting, corporate finance, business development, digital marketing and publicity for regional and national brands and fast-growing companies. Black Dog’s team has a long history of success in the entertainment, sports, technology, and finance industries.

Black Dog Venture Partners is also the founder and host of The VC Fast Pitch Conference which connects disruptive startups with the country’s top investors raising millions of dollars annually. Learn more at

About Panther Quant

Panther Quant is the first A.I. based algorithmic trading platform [for spot trading, Defi Protocols and Dex Arbitrage trading ] which will be hedging this exposure of the trader by giving critical insight of the market through powerful AI engines which will scan all digital platforms (incl. SM & emojis) to analyze the sentiments of the crypto coins in Real-time and filter the top trending pairs for the trader to trade on. The platform will also introduce the first NFT marketplace where users can convert their successful strategies into NFTs, trade with other users on the platform and make profits! Learn more at

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