Musiio Raises New Investment Round Taking Valuation To 10,000,000 USD Investors Include Paul Kempe (Tileyard Owner) & Francois Arbour (Premiumbeat Founder)

Musiio Raises New Investment Round Taking Valuation To 10,000,000 USD Investors Include Paul Kempe (Tileyard Owner) & Francois Arbour (Premiumbeat Founder)


  • Musiio raise new investment round, with a valuation of 10,000,000 USD
  • New investor Paul Kempe, Tileyard Group owner and founder
  • The new investment comes from strategic investors, people who know the industry (Musiio’s previous round was a traditional VC


  • This round also includes Francois Arbour (ex-Premiumbeat founder – sold to Shutterstock for 47.5m USD)
  • Musiio is 3 years old
  • Musiio continue to bring cutting edge AI to the music industry and have proven scalablesolutions that work
  • Musiio have increased revenue in 2021 by 70% MRR (monthly recurring revenue)
  • Tileyard Music are also a ‘search’ client

CEO and Co-Founder of Musiio Hazel Savage says: “I am delighted to announce that Musiio have raised a new round of investment. Musiio has continued to grow for the last three years, from year one of operation in 2019 to year two in 2020 we grew 600% in yearly revenue, this year, 2021 we are on target to double that again. We have also managed to nearly triple our valuation since we started the company.

I am incredibly proud of the deep tech AI products we continue to build and the value I think this technology can bring to the Music Industry as a whole. Having Paul Kempe on board takes us to the next level. Paul is known for building Tileyard in London, a hub of activity for the Music Industry and a complete regeneration of the area; everyone from Mark Ronson to Noel Gallagher have worked out of this space at one time or another. I met Paul remotely after we were introduced by our mutual friend and Musiio advisor Will Mills (also my old boss from Shazam!) and despite being a covid year, and everything being done remotely it was a great connection. I am delighted in the enthusiasm from Paul for Musiio and I am delighted to add him to the cap table.”

Speaking about his investment Tileyard owner Paul Kempe said “”One of the most wonderful things about my involvement with Tileyard is learning about some of the most incredible new technology on the market. By its very nature, the Tileyard community breeds the most fascinating of introductions and ecosystems, and that’s how I came to know about Musiio and Hazel Savage.

As soon as I first met Hazel I knew this was a lady going places with a super exciting music tech company that is growing exponentially and I jumped at the chance to invest and be part of Musiio’s future. Hazel and her team are providing the industry with cutting-edge AI solutions and it is little wonder that the music industry is embracing the new opportunities provided by Musiio.”

About Musiio:

Musiio is an Artificial Intelligence company for the Music Industry. Focussed on the B2B space. Musiio has built an AI that can “listen” to music, supercharging Sync Companies, Labels, Streaming Services and more to Tag, Search, Curate or Playlist their audio. Musiio provides cost-effective, fast and scalable ways to manage audio using AI, either through APIs or custom built dashboard tools, making large catalogues of music infinitely more searchable.

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