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Trubify Creates Artist-First Platform — Seeks $450K

Most music artists cannot earn meaningful income by making music, even though they have marketable skills. Apple/Spotify/Youtube: Payouts are roughly 1/10th of 1 US cent.

Enter: Trubify.

Trubify is a live streaming platform that empowers music artists to monetize their talent via modular revenue streams embedded into deep fan engagement features. In addition to offering high industry payouts and removing barriers to entry, the app allows artists of all genres and following sizes to monetize and engage their fans. Trubify is helping artists earn a living while giving a front-row experience to every fan.

They are revenue positive with a commercially available product on iOS, Android, and desktop. The live streaming industry is growing exponentially, and Trubify expects to be cash-flow positive in Q3 of 2022.

The experienced leadership team and strategic advisors have expertise spanning the music industry, entrepreneurship, fintech, business development, live streaming technology, marketing, and web development.

The team is currently seeking a minimum of $450,000 in convertible debt funding to acquire users and accelerate a go-to-market strategy.

See their fundraise on Fundable:


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