Jenny Q. Ta


CEO / Co-Founder of &

Jenny Q. Ta is a veteran Wall Street self-made millionaire and founder of two tech companies, a virtual “E-Harmony meets Shark Tank” matching entrepreneurs with VCs and, the first “social networthing” platform.

Ms. Ta is the mastermind behind the first-of-its-kind social networthing® site, Launched in 2015, the site gives individuals, businesses, celebrities, politicians, and non-profit organizations the ability to monetize their profiles in unprecedented ways. Sqeeqee is the first integrated ecommerce and social media platform offering live streaming capabilities built from within. Sqeeqee’s intent is to provide our global users an unprecedented platform to share compelling stories in real-time, empowering them to broadcast and receive live video footage anytime, anywhere on any device.

Ms. Ta is a seasoned entrepreneur with two successful ventures to her credit. She was the Founder and CEO of Titan Securities, a full service investment firm that was acquired. Prior to founding Titan Securities she was the driving force behind Vantage Investments, a full-service broker-dealer start-up she founded and grew to a quarter of a billion dollars in assets. Overall, she has extensive experiences in senior executive management, sales, marketing, finance, and the fintech (financial technology) industry of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency market.

Jenny is an author whose book, Wall Street Cinderella detailing her escape from Vietnam during the war and her path to success from welfare to Wall Street. As a self-made millionaire by her mid-twenties, the book will serve as a road map for women looking at a business career. She earned a Master of Business Administration degree in Financial Management, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems from CSU, Fresno.