Jay Goss


General Partner Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health

 Three-Sixty Health is an LA-based venture fund led by seasoned healthcare executive John Nackel (former head of E&Y’s global healthcare practice and CEO of UnitedHealth Group’s Ingenix Consulting, now Optum) and professional early stage CXO Jay Goss, who has worked with dozens of early stage companies in his career and understands the entrepreneurial journey extremely well. The fund focuses on healthcare start-ups seeking Seed and Series A investment, and is a joint venture between one of Los Angeles’ most established and active venture funds – Wavemaker – and Three-Sixty Advisory Group, a ten year old healthcare consultancy. The fund’s investment thesis is that after 40 years, healthcare is transitioning away from fee-for-service to value-based payments, and with that comes a massive amount of disruption. There will be no shortage of clinical operations and business challenges to solve in the coming decade, and entrepreneurs are already coming out of the woodwork to solve these problems. Moreover, countless business models are now for the first time commercially viable because the healthcare industry is embracing value-based payments.