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Investment Opportunity From Velocity Capital Group

Current banks and loan providers require business owners to fill out large applications, wait months for an approval and may hold owner’s personally liable for any financing provided. This leaves business owners disempowered and waiting—unable to focus more on their business and generating revenue. 

Traditional Merchant Financing businesses also use antiquated processes throughout the financing steps—creating a larger than necessary time delay between application submission, approval and funding (and as you may know, when a business is in great need of capital to keep operations functioning, time is of the utmost importance). 

Introducing Velocity’s Cash Advance Product

Velocity’s leading cash advance product allows business owners to cut the time it takes to receive financing from weeks and months to just hours and days. Velocity has increased their agility relative to the competition by hiring skilled underwriters, requiring fewer documents to conduct their business analysis and by actively working to streamline their operation through modern technology and building on their quality of service. In fact, Velocity’s commitment to ‘modernization’ has led them to begin creating software of their own that will reduce operational costs by more than half.

With Velocity’s Drag’n Drop software, they’re integrating OCR and API technology that will analyze business documents within a matter of seconds. This software automatically pulls all relevant document data into their database, which drastically cuts the time it takes for one of their risk analysts to review the business.

Unlike Competitors, Velocity Also Uses An Investor Minded Approach

Velocity’s risk team uses an investor minded approach to provide funding which also has contributed to their below market-average default rate and has given Velocity an extraordinary amount of repeat business. 

Established in 2018, Velocity Capital Group has now grown in multiples over the past 3 years to become a respected funder in the industry.

The Opportunity

Look, in the U.S, there are 30.2 million small businesses and each month an average of 543K new businesses are started. In 2018, 43% of small businesses applied for a loan and big banks approved around 26.9% of small business loans (the average small business bank loan amount for 2018 was $633K and the average SBA loan amount for 2018 was $107K). This leaves an estimated 9.5 Million small businesses that still require funding.

So far Velocity has funded  $60+ Million with over 15,000 satisfied clients.  Due to their growth, they’ve been able to add 20+ new staff members (who are experienced, with 25+ years in the industry). The company continues to add new clients and brokers daily.

Investor Returns

Investors receive between 12-15% annual returns from a minimum investment of $100,000. As part of the investment agreement, Velocity can provide monthly/quarterly interest disbursements for its investors.

Option 1 – with Monthly Interest Disbursements: this option breaks the APR for the year across 12 months and disburses monthly interest payments to the investor until the agreed upon investment time is complete. After which the investor will receive their principal amount.

Option 2 – without Monthly Disbursements: receive your interest amount once every year.

To learn more about investor opportunities, email or call (833) VCG-FUND (833-824-3863).

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