Invest in CabinetM: Using ML & AI to Drive Marketing Technology Strategy and Performance

Invest in CabinetM: Using ML & AI to Drive Marketing Technology Strategy and Performance


  • Rated 4.8/5 by Kingscrowd, a ratings and analytics platform for equity crowdfunding opportunities

  • Best-in-class customers: Williams-Sonoma, MLB, Capita, Cameo, LogMeIn, Tyler Technologies & more

  • Female Power Duo includes Techstars alum & 2x CEO. Involvement in 27 prior IPO & M&A exits

  • Building AI-powered platform to drive tech performance and digital transformation

  • Category creator with industry-first Marketing Tech Management SaaS

  • $400k+ Revenue on $1.5M raised to date from impressive angel investors

  • Lucrative SaaS model yields contracts at $7500-$37,000/ year. Largest contract to date is two years, $100k

  • High-impact customer experience: improved tech & marketing performance, reduced tech spend of ~20% within 12 months

Why CabinetM?

CabinetM unleashes the power of technology to fuel marketing and company growth. Everything marketing does is enabled by technology. Every email that’s sent, every ad that’s created, and every sponsored Instragram post is driven by one or more technology products. Without technology, modern marketing teams can’t function. The dependence on marketing technology has created the need for a platform to manage all of the technology marketing teams use – from discovery to discard – CabinetM is that platform.

To acquire, engage, and retain customers, marketing teams simultaneously use 75-250 tech tools (email marketing, marketing automation, and analytics platforms, etc.). This expensive, complex and integrated group of tools is referred to as the Marketing Technology stack, MarTech stack, or just “stack.”   Marketing success is now dependent on having a suite of tools that perform well individually and as a connected whole.  And, with marketing responsible alongside sales for revenue and customer lifetime growth, marketing success is critical to overall business success.

A company’s MarTech stack delivers more value when it’s less of a stack and more of a jigsaw puzzle, where tools are functionally in the right place and tightly connected to one another.

To make that happen, a holistic approach to building and managing the tech stack is critical to optimizing technology performance. Without centralized management, tools are poorly utilized, integrations don’t happen, and costs skyrocket, which in turn impacts marketing and business performance.

In 2011, there were 150 marketing tech tools available. Today, there are more than 15,000. Marketing teams have too many options, and with free trials galore, low subscription costs, and a human tendency to buy the newest tech instead of leveraging an existing tool’s functionality, it’s no surprise that Gartner reports that only 58% of the average MarTech stack is fully utilized.

The MarTech stack is officially inextricable from a business’s bottom line. An underutilized stack leads to skyrocketing costs and makes the company’s marketing less effective. It inflates the cost of customer acquisition and reduces the customer lifetime value.

Enter: CabinetM. The first-to-market solution of its kind, our platform acts as Operations Command Center that marketing teams use to manage technology discovery, implementation, performance, spend and strategy.

CabinetM is a SaaS offering for enterprise level organizations, and the value is staggering: improved marketing performance, increased efficiency, and mega-savings.

We’re proud to be the industry’s first Marketing Technology Management platform —already built and being used by best-in-class customers—and the largest marketing technology database with 15,000+ products across 500+ categories. Our customers reduce their tech spend by an average of 20% within 12 months.

As companies manage their technology on CabinetM, we are collecting a growing amount of technology application and performance data. We now have a large enough data set to apply machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to surface individualized technology recommendations for CabinetM’s customers and provide benchmarks for expected technology performance.

As the MarTech industry continues to grow and evolve, so does the need for product and platform management. With product-market fit already verified and no enterprise-level direct competitors, our company’s growth potential is unlimited. First stop? Companies with annual revenues in excess of $10M—a total initial $2B US market for CabinetM. But marketing is just the beginning. Over time our goal is to drive technology strategy and performance across the entire enterprise.

Premium home goods, professional sports, and higher ed, just a few of the markets CabinetM serves. The common denominator? A vast need for MarTech management. Big name brands rely on CabinetM as the platform to manage their technology products and their technology stack as a whole. With a subscription model ranging from $7.5-37k per year, we’re poised for growth

Our founders Anita Brearton & Sheryl Schultz boast a long list of industry accolades, including but not limited to: involvement in 27 prior IPO and M&A exits, combined 50+ years of marketing experience, Techstars alum, 2x CEO, and veterans of the investment world as board members, investors, and angel group leaders.

With the CabinetM platform solid, leadership is now focused on growth: building a sales and marketing team, activating sales channels, and investing in product development to sign more customers and deliver immense value to clients and investors. Our ambitious, accomplished company is just getting started.

CabinetM leadership is the best at what we do, and we’re playing the long game. With the proven expertise, product, and plan, CabinetM is on track to become the platform for holistic technology management across the enterprise and ultimately, business success. The market opportunity is vast. Will you be on board as we scale?

CabinetM wants to make it simple for our new investors to start using the platform, so we are offering discounts off the first year’s annual subscription, regardless of which one you choose. For our incredible investors only:

Learn more at: Wefunder


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