Introducing Seasats: Autonomous Ocean Vehicles For Unmanned Missions

Introducing Seasats: Autonomous Ocean Vehicles For Unmanned Missions

Problem: Crewed Ships Currently Cost Over $100K Per Day

However, the ocean industries are being revolutionized. Autonomous vehicles are disrupting traditional operations by eliminating human risk, saving millions per customer, and enabling untapped markets. 

In Fact, the Ocean Autonomy Industry is Projected to Reach $160B by 2030.

Introducing: Seasats’ Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV)

Seasats believes that ASVs should be easy to buy, easy to use, and cost effective—so they’ve developed an autonomous surface vehicle (ASV) with unmatched scalability.

Seasats are designed to carry sensors and payloads on long missions. Users are able to launch the ASV from a dock, ramp, beach, crane, helicopter and more.

Seasats’ technology provides an opportunity to grow a deep customer base in the commercial, defense, and science sectors. 

Their base product enables rapid accumulation of autonomous driving data and opens up wider markets of communications, transportation, and energy.

Seasats launched its first prototype vehicle earlier this year (they’ve completed 7 oceanography pilot missions) and is already experiencing a strong customer demand.  Within the past 4 months, Seasats has issued over $1.2M in quotes and has grown their customer leads by 6x (to $6M+). The company has also recently completed a Navy technology demonstration and has been accepted into Techstars and Greentown Labs.

Seasats is opening a seed fundraising round and interested investors can learn more by visiting:  


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