Introducing Quickall Bank, A Next Generation Bank

Introducing Quickall Bank, A Next Generation Bank

eWallet giants in the market are facing certain barriers to adding additional options for cryptocurrency—due to operational and financial risks.

In fact, many of these tech giants offer simple wallet solutions but do not offer multi-banking integration, biometric authentication, or foreign currency transactions.

Introducing Quickall Bank: the world’s first crypto-friendly bank to provide a full spectrum of digital banking through Smart Hardware with Biometric Authentication (including facial recognition and contactless fingerprint technology)—and through what’s called a Biometric Teller Machine (BTM) that offers full international banking, postal services and call services available to customers 24/7. Quickall Bank’s system makes it really easy for new customers to open an account through a video call.

Because of Quickall Bank’s Cutting Edge Technology, Customers Now Don’t Need to Carry Around a Bank Card or Physical Wallet

Quickall Bank’s biometric technology provides customers with full physical banking without the use of a card, smartphone or website.

Quickall is also introducing a handheld portable PoS smart scanner (that includes a bank card reader) for merchants and a Biometric Digital Smart Wallet for customers to use while shopping.

Quickall’s Biometric Digital Smart Wallet is about the size of a USB drive and is meant to replace physical wallets with an extra layer of security through biometric authentication—holding a person’s Bank Cards, Driver’s License, ID, SSN, Car Insurance, Health Insurance, Cryptocurrencies and more.

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