Introducing: CMP Comic Book Media Platform

Introducing: CMP Comic Book Media Platform

Smart Angels Film Fund LLC is proud to share with you an opportunity from CMP, a Media company with a track record in financing global content. Presenting: CMP Comic Book Media Platform, a Fully Integrated Media Platform which owns, controls and monetizes IP issued from comic books and art graphic novels. 

This developing media tech platform, in the niche market of Comic Book & Art Graphic Novels IP, has an inherent advantage of high-level monetization over other entertainment IP due to the built-in, passionate audiences that give the shows a higher chance of success. This platform promotes established comic book creators through a new interactive, “come-to-life” style of web-based comic book viewing and is supported by the latest in AI marketing & audience engagement technology to further identify, expand, boost and retain the fanbase & platform users. CMP will further develop the top performing IPs into low budget films, television, and mobile first content. 

The platform is launching in partnership with Mobile service carriers around the world and with a focus on three levels of media tech innovation: AI marketing tools to create pre-audiences & communities around the IPs, state-of the-art real-time virtual production tools which will shorten production times & budgets, and the platform features a new digital “free” publicity strategy that mobilizes Super-Fans & their social reach to exponentialize audience engagement for the IPs in an innovative & rewarding way. 

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