Dinesh Gauba


Angel Investor

 Dinesh Gauba is a dynamic entrepreneur and savvy investor who has leveraged 16 years of Silicon Valley technology industry experience in numerous senior roles with start-ups and public companies to fuel his current entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavors. Driven by integrity, innovation, fast thinking and an open mind, he has acquired and/or launched numerous ventures, including a small business online marketing consulting company, numerous income generating websites, dental offices, discounted debt portfolios, and a green waterless carwash company. 

One of his portfolio companies called Eco Green Auto Clean is helping the planet by transforming how cars are cleaned around the world using plant-based non-toxic formulas with less than 1 cup of water per wash thereby saving billions of gallons of fresh water per year (www.OneCupOneCar.com).

In addition to his technology and business ventures, Dinesh is a savvy investor who has built up a diverse portfolio of angel investments, real estate investments, and alternate cash flow investments and is frequently sought after for his knowledge of advance tax reduction strategies. He is an expert at growing businesses and helping entrepreneurs and high income earners to keep more of every dollar they earn using some simple but unique tax reduction strategies and then helping them to invest in diversified cash flow streams so they can achieve true financial freedom much quicker. 

Dinesh has a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas in Austin. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife Sheila and their dog Fifi. He enjoys a wide range of outdoor adventurous activities and is passionate about driving and traveling the world. He is an avid car lover and enjoys learning about new technologies and healthy living.