Dan Farrell


Chairman & CEO Privos Capital

Mr. Farrell is the Chairman & CEO of Privos Capital, a global Multi-Family Office (MFO) LP investment firm.

As a multi-family office, our family office partners run successful private equity firms, secondaries, sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds, fund of funds, real estate funds, venture capital firms, wealth and asset management firms, foundations, endowments, multi-national corporations, early stage venture firms, foundations, global and local businesses.

Our family office partners own international corporations, including national airlines, global shipping companies, African mining companies, Hollywood studios, Australian junior mines, US real estate funds, Hong Kong global businesses, US private equity secondary funds, Argentinian vineyards, Canadian oil sands energy companies, London property companies, and Arab surgical centers and hospitals. We bring an impressive club of world wide influence, business experience, and wealth. Our partners are both LPs and GPs mixing it up on the world stage. To work with our firm, you must a family office passionately engaged in changing the world.

Our People have deep experience helping family offices turn highly complex and confidential financial problems into opportunities and successful liquidity events, whether from an IPO or successful trade sale. We are experts in working with the Next Generation, Millennial ("NextGen") family office investors and family members who embrace ESG, SRI and sustainable investments.

Mr. Farrell has lived and worked in New York, London, Europe, and the Middle East. He is one of the leading experts on the world-wide investments and fund allocations of global family offices. Mr. Farrell currently serves as a senior strategic advisor to one of the largest sovereign wealth funds in the world, a leading private equity fund, and is a member of the board of a global investment firm. Prior to joining Privos, Mr. Farrell was a partner in an international law firm. He is a frequent speaker at private equity, hedge fund, venture capital, life science, real estate, energy, impact, ESG, and alternative investment conferences. He has been featured Bloomberg and the international financial press.