Dan Farrell


Chairman & CEO Privos Capital

Mr. Farrell is the Chairman & CEO of Privos Capital, a global Multi-Family Office LP (MFO).  Privos partners with single family offices, multi-family offices, sovereign and royal families, their funds, foundations, and portfolio companies, in leading financial centers, as well as in the BRICS, N-11, ASEAN, and Frontier Countries of the Emerging Markets.  

Privos’ main business is working exclusively with its family office LP partners on global expansionist activities, capital allocations, strategic alliances, joint ventures, secondaries, directs, co-investments, and philanthropy. 

Privos is active up and down the capital stack across most sectors, including real estate, reinsurance, art, alternative energy, life science, biotech, fashion, media, aviation, and technology.  In Los Angeles, we focus on film finance, gaming, and entertainment.   In London, Doha, Luxembourg and Geneva, we serve our European and Arab family office partners while in Hong Kong we work with our Chinese, ASEAN region, Japanese, and Korean family office LPs.  

Privos partners with our family office partners (SFO, MFO, HNWI, UHNWI) as allocators of capital across diverse asset classes, including private equity, venture capital, and hedge funds.  We are active globally in Sustainable Investing (SI), Impact, ESG, SRI, and the 17 SDGs.  

Mr. Farrell has lived and worked in New York, London, Europe, and the Middle East.  He is one of the leading experts on the world-wide investments and fund allocations of global family offices.  Mr. Farrell currently serves as a senior strategic advisor to one of the largest sovereign wealth funds in the world, a leading private equity fund, a Silicon Valley VC fund, and is on the Board of Directors of a global asset management firm.  Prior to joining Privos, Mr. Farrell was a partner in an international law firm.   He is a frequent speaker at private equity and alternative investing conferences.   He has been featured in Bloomberg and the financial press.