Bill Barnett


926 Ventures

Bill Barnett focuses on early-stage investment and has been involved in several verticals. The motto being “Bet on the jockey” the management is always the key. Barnett has launched several businesses in entertainment, technology and education with successful exits.

Barnett has invested in several businesses that have had successful exits. Including Dmv Desk now Vitu which sold to KKR in 2017 and LikeLive which sold to ETS in 2014 as well as two real estate syndicates one focusing on long term appreciation and the other short term bridge loans. 

Currently, Barnett is involved as an investor and advisor for Stasis Labs, a low-cost vitals monitoring device in hospitals throughout India and launching in the US in 2019. He also sits on the investment committee of Bora Bora Investment Group investing in early stage, forward-thinking companies with strong, experienced management. Bill loves sharing his experience with the next generation of “game changers” in various industries helping with management, fundraising and platform launch.