August 2022 VC Fast Pitch Presenting Companies

August 2022 VC Fast Pitch Presenting Companies

We are pleased to announce the presenting companies for our August 2022 VC Fast Pitch

Make Music Count Presented by Marcus Blackwell

Make Music Count is an online tutoring platform centered around our patented math curriculum taught through playing popular songs on the piano. On our platform teachers and college students can earn revenue by teaching Make Music Count classes online. Our app is also a supplementary resource for school districts to use during the school day in math and music classes, and after school as enrichment. Lastly through our innovative approach to teaching math through playing music, our app has opened a new space for music streaming and marketing during the school day and learning time.

Lovely Rita Spirits Presented by Michael Meinerz

Lovely Rita Tequila was created by a husband and wife, tequila enthusiasts who wanted to bring to life the spirit of what tequila meant to them. Supported by family and friends as the initial investors, this personal journey has evolved from a local brand into a mission to introduce the world to what we believe to be something special in the world of tequilas.

College Cash Presented by Demitrius Curry

College Cash is a preemptive debt reduction platform that leverages everyday behavior to allow users to earn money that can be used to offset major debt classes before they even accrue them.

The repayment of student loan debt in America is an uphill battle for many graduates today. On the other side, brands are also looking for a way to encourage more user generated content that promote their marketing efforts.

Brands partner with College Cash to develop a social campaign for the brand. Users on the platform are then able to join that campaign by creating video and photo content, for which they’re compensated in the form of paying down their student loan debt. For example, a sports team could create a campaign with a call for users to post their favorite game day picture.

College Cash partners with financial institutions such as banks and credit unions to offer a cash back program on everyday purchases for current college students.  The cash-back earned goes into the users’ College Cash account, which then accumulates to help offset their student loan debt.

Skybx Presented by Jamie Gold

SKYBX will arm sports bettors, fantasy players and poker enthusiasts with the ultimate edge to win, regardless of experience or skill level. We’ll provide content from a singular source, with a collection of the sharpest and most successful sports bettors, real money gaming experts and accomplished fantasy sports players, to deliver education, winning analysis, and picks to our community. Members will also have access to exclusive live events, tournaments, and experiences, which will create additional revenue streams. SKYBX is led by a team with proven track records of creating winning content, building and retaining large audiences, all while driving revenue.

Zeva Inc. presented by Jason Simas

ZEVA, Inc. ( is a pioneer in electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) air vehicles and has demonstrated a full-scale flying vehicle. ZEVA offers freedom of travel by designing and manufacturing one and two place carbon-neutral electric aircraft that can take-off and land virtually anywhere. ZEVA’s aircraft are compact, high-speed, and cost effective making them perfect vehicles for emergency medical services, law enforcement, and many other applications. Join ZEVA today to get on the ground floor of an exciting company in a market that is predicted to grow to $9 trillion by 2050.

Podetize (Brandcasters, Inc.) presented by Tracy Hazzard

Podetize is smarter marketing, production, syndication, and monetization for podcasts & videocasts. The Podetize® platform empowers ALL podcasters to host, grow, and monetize their show by creating a win-win-win ecosystem for podcast monetization.

Our proprietary patent pending SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), CaaS (Creative) and MaaS (Marketing) technologies help:

  • Podcasters be seen, heard, found, and monetized
  • Advertising brands yield a higher conversion rate ROI
  • Listeners earn by doing what they want to do: listen & consume.

As Podetize® grows through increasing and activating more profitable podcasters, the marketplace becomes more vibrant—encouraging brand advertisers, attracting podcasters, and drawing in listeners and consumers.

Game Gym presented by Evan Shubin and Josh Hafkin

Founded in 2018, Game Gym Inc is the leading esports training and broadcast center in the DC metro area. Game Gym was created to make video games a more positive and collaborative experience by providing structure through curriculum, coaching, and parental support.  Game Gym provides kids, parents, and gamers of all ages with the information and structure to better understand and maximize their participation in casual and competitive esports, like a martial arts dojo or an AAU basketball team.

POD (Atlas Jobs) Presented by Jo Webber

At AtlasJobs we put jobs on a map – literally. We believe jobs, internships, mentorships and scholarships should be visible and easily discoverable by all. Every young person knows how to find their way around a mobile phone and navigate a map on the phone, thus we brought the technology to Gen. Z. We believe location matters.

AtlasJobs is available at as a web application and a mobile app making it globally available on 3.5 billion devices. We use a powerful map-centric search mechanism and AI to help job seekers discover and apply for opportunities all over the world. AtlasJobs allows candidates to easily discover and apply for positions, telling their story through video introductions and video referrals. It allows corporations to communicate directly with students, universities and groups to help find, cultivate, and engage talent.

We are changing the way the next generation workforce will launch their careers while simultaneously leveling the playing field with diversity. It’s an innovative approach in a $240bn market. We are in the rollout phase with our SaaS platform.

Our clients include 2-4 year colleges across the United States and major corporations including America’s largest employer. In 2023 we plan to expand our AI capabilities and our international presents.

SubX Presented by Harpreet Marwaha

SubX is a Live Streaming Shopping and Gaming Platform.  We help Brands engage audiences in real-time by providing gamified live streaming templates so that they can easily run a game show, talk show, social live shopping, live auctions, and more.  We capture and share real-time data with the brands/hosts which helps engage viewers and drive them to conversion/monetization.  We help brands distribute these experiences on 3rd party streaming sites like Twitch as well as their own websites/apps.  We’ve generated $300K+ from working with Brands like Cash App, Fubo, 100 Thieves, and more.  We are looking for additional funding and access to brands/partners to help us scale and grow.

Panther Quant Presented by Chandni Shah and Manav Bajaj

Panther Quant is a revolutionary Algo-Trading platform built on the Binance Smart Chain to use A.I. based Sentiment Analysis of the live Crypto Market that will provide actionable insights around crypto markets.

The platform is being launched with one clear objective — to provide its users with actionable insights on the prevailing sentiments of the market. In that pursuit, we will use powerful AI and machine learning enabled bots that will scan the market and the news on various websites like CoinDesk, Twitter, CoinTelegraph, Messari and also across various social media channels among others to look for the ongoing sentiment on the chosen assets. Users can leverage this information to craft their trading strategies. Our platform will provide users with real-time data on the prevailing sentiment of the market. This would help users craft top-notch and high profit grossing trading strategies. They also have the option to stress-test these strategies within a live market (dry run).

Our platform also gives its users the option to create an NFT of their favorite and most successful trading strategies. Once they have stress-tested their strategies in all markets and have made consistent profits from it, they can simply tokenize that strategy and Sell/Lease/Auction it to fellow traders on the platform. Panther Quant users will be guided throughout the process of creating an NFT of their strategy. Panther Quant intends to be one of the most transformative and cathartic experience in the Crypto space.

SST Wireless Inc. presented by Christopher Chong

SST Wireless Inc. bridges the gap for industrial customers that are unable to effectively deploy technologies to participate in the industrial revolution (Industry 4.0). Small industrial companies make up 98% of the market but are being left behind due to significant barriers to adoption. SST has removed these barriers with industrialized wireless vibration, high temperature, pressure and humidity sensors and gateways that customers can install on their own, using a smartphone.

Once connected, the machine condition data is seamlessly managed on our cloud-based platform.  We call this Industrial IoT For Everyone.

Pro -Tracker Archery Presented by Gary Christensen

Founders, cousins, and avid bowhunters, Michael Ferguson and Gary Christensen founded a consumer-relevant worldwide bowhunting brand—Pro-Tracker Archery— to create new ways to solve old bowhunting problems. Their multi-patented products are cutting-edge technology. The PRO-TRACKER RECOVERY SYSTEM is a front-of-arrow barbed hook and, upon impact, begins to sends radio-frequency transmission waves allowing you to track the animal. The BAD BOYS are weighted arrow sleeves that give your shots more momentum and accuracy. They allow lower-pulling hunters (children, women, mobility-limited, etc.) to have the force of a 70-pound bow!

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