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April 2022 VC Fast Pitch Presenting Companies

Presenting Companies

eBomboMateo Suarez Stewart

ebombo is an HR Tech-focused on the Future of Work. We are a B2B SaaS that allows companies to connect with their employees to improve the work environment. We do this with virtual activities created by us. These activities consist of games, onboarding dynamics, training, and more, but in a super fun way. Last year we made USD 450K in sales in Mexico & Peru, we had a Compound Monthly Growth Rate of 43% and impacted more than 150K workers.

Podetize – Tracy Hazzard

Podetize is smarter marketing, production, syndication, and monetization for podcasts & videocasts.

The Podetize® platform empowers ALL podcasters to host, grow, and monetize their show by creating a win-win-win ecosystem for podcast monetization.

Our proprietary patent pending SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), CaaS (Creative) and MaaS (Marketing) technologies help:

  • Podcasters be seen, heard, found, and monetized
  • Advertising brands yield a higher conversion rate ROI
  • Listeners earn by doing what they want to do: listen & consume.

As Podetize® grows through increasing and activating more profitable podcasters, the marketplace becomes more vibrant—encouraging brand advertisers, attracting podcasters, and drawing in listeners and consumers.

Co-Flow Jet Wind Turbines – Gecheng Zha

We are committed to developing revolutionary wind turbine technology with substantially reduced levelized cost of energy (LCOE) by using our advanced coflow jet (CFJ) active flow control technology.  We aim to transform the wind turbine industry and greatly  impact the global environment protection initiatives by reducing greenhouse gas emission and fresh water usage. Our advanced wind turbine configuration is 2-bladed downwind turbines using CFJ blades. The target is to dramatically improve efficiency (Capacity Factor) by 20% and reduce turbine levelized cost of energy by 30%. Out technology is funded by various US government agencies with 14 patents

Make Music Count – Marcus Blackwell

Make Music Count is an online tutoring platform centered around our patent pending math curriculum and app taught through playing popular songs on the piano. In our lessons 2nd – 12th grade students solve real math equations where the answers are the piano notes to immediately play the piano. Through our engaging and culturally relevant method students increase their confidence and performance in mathematics, while teachers and college students are given a creative way to make additional revenue outside of the school day.

MedWatch Technologies – Mike Moore, CEO

MedWatch Technologies is developing a fully non-invasive glucose monitoring watch and accompanying health management platform. We expect to obtain FDA Certification within the next 15 months.

This represents a unique and exciting new solution for managing blood glucose levels. Current glucose monitoring solutions either use lancets with test strips or patches with sub-cutaneous needles. Both methods are expensive and inconvenient. Our GlucoWatch™ represents a significant advancement over current technologies.

We have a clear operational model with conservative projected milestones. Our IP willposition us to secure significant market share and a multi–X ROI.

SST Wireless – Christopher Chong

SST Wireless Inc. bridges the gap for industrial customers that are unable to effectively deploy technologies to participate in the industrial revolution (Industry 4.0). Small industrial companies make up 98% of the market but are being left behind due to significant barriers to adoption. SST has removed these barriers with industrialized wireless vibration, high temperature, pressure and humidity sensors and gateways that customers can install on their own, using a smartphone. Once connected, the machine condition data is seamlessly managed on our cloud-based platform.  We call this Industrial IoT For

SNAAP Transportation – Andrew J. Cary

The PT Solution is the developer of an alternative and sustainable personal rapid transit (PRT) system, SNAAP Transportation. Running on elevated ribbonway networks, SNAAP shuttles offer a sustainable, nonstop, autonomous, affordable & personalized, mobility system that will help alleviate the problems caused by 80% single occupant vehicles congesting our roads.

enclayve Group – Dave Chura, Founder and CEO

enclayve Group has developed a family of products that deliver absolute data privacy for consumers. We sell a small device that consumers own, keep at home and that stores their data. Our Apps transform this device into privacy-centric applications: absolutely private social media for families, a blockchain node for NFTs, a crypto wallet. We combine the superior data protection of consumer-owned hardware with rich functional Apps.

Our business is rooted in device sales and subscriptions; yet we need no back-end services since our customers are the infrastructure. This is the ultimate de-centralized system, where consumers absolutely own their data.

ShopRaise – Shaun Kulesza, Founder / CEO

ShopRaise provides a simple way for socially conscious individuals to support their favorite nonprofit with their everyday shopping. Using our proprietary platform supporters earn commissions from purchases at any of our 1,200+ participating retailers which ShopRaise then splits with their selected nonprofit. We call this “Shopping with Purpose”.

ShopRaise has created a win-win-win scenario by:

  • Allowing nonprofits to expand their donor base while adding a new stream of revenue
  • Giving supporters a no cost way to help their nonprofit by buying items they already buy
  • Helping retailers sell more products while building goodwill within the community.

Game Gym, Evan Shubin, COO

Founded in 2018, Game Gym Inc is the leading esports training and broadcast center in the DC metro area. Game Gym was created to make video games a more positive and collaborative experience by providing structure through curriculum, coaching, and parental support.  Game Gym provides kids, parents, and gamers of all ages with the information and structure to better understand and maximize their participation in casual and competitive esports, like a martial arts dojo or an AAU basketball team.

 Rocki – Bjorn Niclas, FOUNDER/CEO

Launched in late 2020, ROCKI is the world’s leading music NFT platform, built on Binance Smart Chain. Launched in December of 2020, the platform has over 9,000 musicians and over 50,000 songs uploaded to its streaming service and over 2,200 music NFTs minted and sold on the ROCKI music NFT market place. ROCKI has several high end official partnerships, with Ankr, Bounce, Chainswap, Blocto and Ontology, the later who powers their KYC/DiD for NFT content creators. NFT’s can also be purchased using a credit/debit card with their partnership with Blocto Wallet and Moonpay.

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