Adhrita Nowrin

Founder & Managing Partner, Innsaei Capital

Adhrita Nowrin is an entrepreneur & investor with a blend of experience between DeepTech, Fintech, Startups, Investments, Fashion and Real Estate.

She is the founding partner of Innsaei Capital which focuses and invests in early stage startups through an alternative investment model with an impact mindset. Alongside Innsaei, she is currently developing a proprietary machine-learning algorithm that would enable data-driven decision making in private investments.

Besides her own initiatives, she advises numerous family offices and company executive boards, such as SBM Ventures (US Space fund), Planet Positive Ventures (Think Tank focused on environmental solutions), and Chai Angels (Investing in women-led businesses). 

Adhrita has lived, studied and worked internationally, with experience in the United Kingdom, Asia and Europe. She is multi-lingual with native proficiency in three languages.